Daniel Brendel


Hey there! I am Daniel Brendel, an indie software developer and project founder!

I love creating complex software products in various fields such as web development, game development and desktop application development. My main languages are PHP and C++ along with various other technologies. I founded various projects and still like to invent more projects.

If you want to work together or want to offer a project/job, please feel free to contact me via the button below.

When I am not developing software, I also like to do sports, music and drinking a tasty Cappuccino.

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Here you can find a list of my most popular projects.

HortusFox is a free and open-sourced self-hosted plant manager system that you can use to manage, keep track and journal your home plants. It is designed in a collaborative way, so you can manage your home plants with your partner, friends, family & more! By shipping the software as a self-hosted product, you are always master of your own personal data and thus are in full control over them. HortusFox is open-sourced MIT licensed software, so you can contribute to the software or make your own version of it.
Mittelalter Events
Mittelalter Events is a german social network for medieval market fans, fantasy fans and LARPers. It features upcoming events, gallery, forums, market place, messaging and many more.
HelpRealm is a lightweight SaaS service support system for customers of your business. Customers can create support requests via a personal workspace contact form, e-mail or via your own frontend using our API, specifying data and attachments. For each support request there is a ticket created which is then handled by a registered agent. Tickets can be routed into different groups where initial tickets are routed to a defined index group. Superadmins can manage agents, groups, FAQ and system settings. Customers and agents get notified about ticket events by e-mail. Communication is possible via e-mail or a secret ticket thread form. The support system is especially suitable for freelancers and small teams.
Steamwidgets is a clientside web component that offers an easy way to integrate Steam Widgets of various Steam entities into your website. Therefore you only need very few code in order to render Steam Widgets into your document. Steamwidgets is used via JavaScript. Since JavaScript is supported by all major browser per default it is platform independent and compatible. Steamwidgets widgets are responsive, localizable, customizable and easily adjustable.
AquaShell is an easy-to-use Windows scripting and automation system. It integrates well with Windows and allows your to both create automation tasks as well as complex scripting applications. The product features a plugin system, so the shell can be extended with more commands. Of course there are standard plugins provided already. The syntax is inspired by C++, PHP, Tcl and PowerShell. It is easy to learn in order to quickly start developing your scripts.
Casual Desktop Game
Many played the Desktop Destroyer / Stress Reducer back in the days and really loved it. It created so many fond memories in many peoples childhood days. That's why Casual Desktop Game has been created. To bring back the old fun in a new and modern shape - which means downloadable community content and other community features. Thus the game is freely available to download and play via Steam. Casual Desktop Game features AngelScript to create tools/entities.
Casual Pixel Warrior
Survive the waves! Buy weapons and ammo! Unlock new stages! Purchase companions! Solve daily quests and get rewards! Casual Pixel Warrior is a wave shooter where your endurance to last an infinite fight depends on your skill, unlocked weapons and purchased ammo. The game is based on the Casual Game Engine, a top-down 2D game engine.


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